ADIS Automatic Doors have manufactured slim door frames which features an automated narrow line door system that complies with Australian Standards AS 5007. The specialised door frames are designed to prevent the risk of finger entrapment, body and head entrapments, draw in hazards and shear hazards.

The slim door frames have a vertical profile with an elevation no wider than 32 millimetres which creates the slim appearance. A complete seal system on all four sides ensures total protection against climate, dust and wind, while joints between the door and fixed sidelights overlap and interlock to provide security and enhance the safety of users.

The frames and doors are flushed glazed which keeps the chances of drawn in and shear hazards below norms. Leading edges are fitted with PVC buffer strips to create a solid weatherproof seal and to protect the door finishes.

Slim door frames from ADIS Automatic Doors also feature ADIS electric lock systems which secure the doors, and frames are installed with glass of varying thicknesses between 10 to 15 millimetres. This ensures the doors are long lasting and can handle strong wind pressure.

Optional extras include:

  • Security airlocks
  • Internal safety screen