ADIS Automatic Doors have manufactured a two in one stacking wall and automatic sliding door system. NG stacker doors are ideal for moving wall system on smoking terraces, outdoor entertainment areas, partition walls and showrooms.

NG stacker doors feature a multi panelled door operation system which allows fast and easy opening and closing of up to 20 metres of door panelling. When the doors are open, the panels resemble a compact stacking wall system which allows for maximum use of the remaining floor space for entertaining.

In addition, NG stacker doors have an automatic sensor activated sliding door which can be programmed to act like any regular sliding door. The doors remain secure and electronically locked until activated when the doors open and close.

The doors have a space saving and sleek design, are low maintenance and come in a variety of finishes. They can be opened and closed despite the weather conditions and are cost effective in comparison to other manual stacking door systems.

Features of the NG stacker doors includes:

  • Non intrusive tracking
  • Quiet operation
  • Varied opening configurations
  • High security locking
  • Advanced technology