Adis Automatic Doors supply the Eagle One & Two energy saving universal opening sensor for all automatic doors.
The microwave sensor, controlled by infrared remote control is a digital sensor for trouble-free opening of automatic doors including sliding, swinging, folding, revolving, curved and any others.
Digital electronics are controlled by a powerful microprocessor and no additional accessories are needed to adapt the microwave sensor to any application.
The Eagle One & Two features a super wide sensing field with good side approach detection affording greater comfort to the user.
The microwave sensor is completely controlled by a coded infrared remote control allowing the EAGLE to be adjusted simply and rapidly from a distance without opening the housing.
The Eagle HM range has a mounting height of 5m and is available in uni or bidirectional modes.
The microwave sensor has a K-band planar antenna dedicated to automatic doors and a 3-D adjustment feature.
For further information on the digital microwave sensor, please contact Adis automatic Doors.