ADIS Automatic Doors  is an Australian company established in 1991. ADIS Automatic Doors designs, manufactures and installs automatic doors for a wide range of applications. These doors are said to have advanced features required by world markets. ADIS Automatic Doors won the Australian design award recently in recognition of its design and product efficiency.

The sliding door model NG-A available from ADIS Automatic Doors is a framed sliding door that are regarded as the next generation series of aluminium-framed glass doors. These doors have been built to operate using an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system and incorporate compact modular design. The sliding doors of ADIS Automatic Doors are operated using a motor drive system.

The NG-F frameless sliding door model is also operated using an UPS and incorporates safety features. The NG-F model door is said to be user friendly and comprises a zone activation sensor for presence detection. ADIS Automatic Doors is also specialised in designing fully automatic toilet doors for disabled people. These doors have a privacy locking system, door notification and activation controls, depending on their area of application.

Parent door systems available from ADIS Automatic Doors are used in shopping centres, airports and commercial buildings. Automatic fire doors are attached to existing fire door tracks and can also be integrated into the existing fire alarm systems. Specialised programming is also possible for fire alarm systems by ADIS Automatic Doors.