ADI Australia  supplies displaywall systems that can be used to fit both fixed and mobile shopfitting display systems. The displaywalls panel systems supplied by ADI Australia can be used to merchandise products like books, jewelery, housewares, apparel and many other items. These displaywall panel systems can be used along with glass or metal accessories to display the products.

ADI Australia caters to the needs of a wide range of customers from different fields such as interior designers, architects, shop designers, distributors and retailers. The displaywall panels offered by ADI Australia are available in custom made forms to suit the different customer needs.

ADI Australia supplies displaywall panels that can be cut in several shapes and sizes to suit different applications. The displaywall panels can also be designed according to the logo of the company and can take shapes like guitar, fish, flower, shoes and so on. ADI Australia also supplies display planels such as stands or gondolas, that are ideal to be used in retail outlets. These enhance the look of the outlets thereby giving it a corporate look.

The flexible displaywall panels supplied by ADI Australia enables the inclusion of many display accessories and lighting systems. ADI Australia also offers an array of fittings and accessories such as brackets, crossbars, arms, display hooks and extrusions.