Adform Products  offer safety products which can be used for domestic as well as commercial applications. The product range of Adform Products includes Miniskaff, Maestro Seating, Maxiskaff and Maestro staging.

Miniskaff can be used to keep the gardens tidy and it has been designed to work in large surface areas. This general work platform system from Adform Products is durable and is made of strong yet light grip mesh galvanised steel. Customers are provided with assembly instructions for each model and the unique patented coupling design facilitates the process of assembling. The Miniskaff work platform systems offered by Adform Products are available in many sizes to suit different applications.

Miniskaff work platform systems can be used for domestic applications and a standard workshelf is supplied by Adform Products with every Miniskaff model. Along with every Miniskaff model heavy duty wheels are also supplied. The Miniskaff work platforms can also be used to pick up and fill the boot of family cars. The length of Miniskaff work platforms from Adform Products can be extended to two meters and these work platforms have been designed with safety and comfort as the prime consideration. The 680W Miniskaff model has been specifically designed to fit standard doorways.