Hots dots from Adept Industrial Solutions are dots of removable and permanent adhesive that have numerous uses. These adhesive dots are packaged in a handy dispenser box for easy application.

Hot Dots adhesives offer a cost effective alternative to hot melt adhesive and slow drying glues, meaning there is not risk from burns, no slow drying liquids and no more expensive dispensing equipment.

These adhesive dots enable items to be secured together through shrink wrapping, skin or blister packing and help to hold parts in place during assembly operations. The unique patent pending dispenser box makes using the adhesive dots easy.

With just 3 easy steps the adhesive dots can perform a multitude of tasks in all kinds of environments. With different strength, sizes and patterns Hot dots literally have 1000’s of uses.
Features benefits of the adhesive spots include:

  • Instant bond, non toxic, no tools necessary, no fumes, no burns, no mess 
  • Keeps labels and products displayed together for multi packaging and attention getting at point of sale 
  • Holds labels and cards in place for display, yet allows for easy removal by the consumer