Adept Industrial Solutions  offers a range of slip resistant matting from 3M Safety Walk designed to reduce slips or falls and enhance safety.

Key features of 3M Safety Walk slip resistant matting include:

  • Mineral-coated top surface improves traction and helps reduce accidental slips or falls
  • Nitrile rubber construction prevents the surface from becoming hard and brittle in normal usage
  • Special grease and oil resistant construction resists curling and reduces tripping hazards
  • Flat, low profile helps provide easy movement of carts and people

Key application areas of slip resistant matting include:

  • Industrial applications such as ramps, elevators, loading docks, stairwells, ladders, escalators, garages, repair shops, wet and damp locations, meat and deli sections as well as supermarkets
  • Sports applications such as golf carts, boats, trailers, skateboards, treadmills, diving boards, swimming pool areas, locker room floors, showers and saunas
  • Heavy equipment and vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances, cranes, forklifts, tractors, aircraft, trains and trucks