Available from Adept Industrial Solutions , 3M industrial masking tapes provide a wide range of solutions for all masking challenges. These industrial masking tapes handle well and stick instantly without stretching or pulling. The consistent performance of 3M masking tapes helps to reduce time and re-work by avoiding adhesive transfer or poor paint lines.

3M 2214 light duty masking tape offers exceptional value. It features a traditional masking tape construction that gives good adhesion and removability even at elevated temperatures of 90°C (short term). This masking tape is suitable for non-critical masking, bundling and holding applications and is supplied in a cream colour.

3M Scotch 2308 high performance masking tape is an excellent “all-rounder” and offers great conformability and handling properties. This masking tape has a crepe paper backing and synthetic rubber adhesive system making it suitable for paint masking, sealing and bundling applications. If also offers good temperature resistance of up to 121°C (short term) and is natural in colour.

3M Scotch fine line tape 218 is a high performance polypropylene film backed tape with low profile and high adhesion. This masking tape is suitable for achieving excellent sharp paint lines. Its film backing stretches easily for smooth curves and the tape can be used over fresh paint jobs sooner than paper tapes with less chance of imprint damage. The tape is recommended for use up to temperatures of 60°C and is light green colour.