The 3M Hi-Strength 94ET from Adept Industrial Solutions is a range of high performance industrial grade spray adhesives offering an extended tack for up to 60 minutes.

Typically used in woodworking and speciality vehicle applications, the 94ET features a unique low telegraphing pebble spray pattern, creating high strength bonds to a variety of demanding substrates such as decorative laminates, metals and some rubbers.

The 3M Hi-Strength 94ET spray adhesive is specifically formulated for decorative laminate bonding. The 94ET displays more versatility in substrate bonding such as laminates, woods, metals, particle board, soft foams, lighter weight materials and more porous surfaces.

Advantages include higher and stronger tack for easier bonding, non-telegraphing pebble spray pattern, high solids for increased coverage and no Methylene Chloride content.

Packaged in aerosol cans and pressurised spray cylinders, the spray adhesive offers an easy-to-use maintenance-free delivery system.