Adept Industrial Solutions  adds the 3M 30NF Fastbond cylinder spray contact adhesive to their range of cylinder spray adhesives.

Packaged for convenience, portability and productivity, 3M 30NF Fastbond cylinder spray contact adhesives are a range of industrial grade, high performance water dispersed bulk spray adhesives formulated for high strength and heat-resistant bonds.

The adhesive is available in convenient and portable aerosol cylinders.

3M Fastbond 30NF cylinder spray adhesives are ideal for the recreational vehicle, furniture/ cabinet, marine, bus and rail market segments. Applications include bonding HPL to particle board, wood or steel for countertops, tables, cabinets and displays as well as bonding insulation to FRP or bonding rubber flooring.

Key features of 3M Fastbond 30NF cylinder spray adhesives:

  • Bonds most foamed plastics, plastic laminates, wood, plywood and canvas to themselves and to each other
  • High coverage adhesive
  • 30-minute drying time; can be reduced with hot air, forced air or infrared
  • Excellent heat resistance protects bonds
  • Non-flammable in the wet state
  • Post formable with high immediate bond strength and long bonding range
  • Certified to the GREENGUARD Product Emission Standard for Children and Schools for low emitting interior building materials