Adept Developments  offer a comprehensive set of three dimensional software technologies. Three dimensional software technologies are used in a series of commercial products and are used in general purpose modelling and rendering, 3D animation, interior design and decoration and even in virtual model kits. Since the late 80s Adept Developments have been developing and refining a comprehensive set of 3D software technologies.

Adept Developments have grouped all 3D software technologies and named them as the Kribi 3D Engine. Kribi Renderer is one of the key components of the Kribi 3D Engine. The software is known for its speed when dealing with complex 3D models. To showcase the capabilities of the Kribi 3D Engine, Adept Developments is offering a KribiBench package for free.

Kribi Renderer software from Adept Developments is an important part of a three dimensional engine. The software does all the computations required to produce pictures and is designed to provide good scalability with increased 3D models complexity. The software has been constantly streamlined through steady software optimisation and numerous refactoring of its program code to capitalise on new CPU features. Pictures that used to take a long time to compute in the earlier days can now be generated at realtime frame rates.