Adept Developments  offer a useful freeware called KribiBench to showcase the capabilities of its comprehensive set of three dimensional software technologies. Interested persons can join as an Adept Development registered user to download the KribiBench. Since the late 80s, Adept Developments have been constantly developing and refining a comprehensive set of 3D software technologies. 3D software technologies are used in a series of commercial products.

Adept Developments offer a set of three dimensional software technologies which are used in general purpose modelling and rendering, 3D animation, interior design and decoration and virtual model kits. Adept Developments offers one such three dimensional software called Kribi Renderer. The rendering and modelling software is known for its speed when dealing with complex 3D models.

In addition to providing rendering and modelling software and freeware, Adept Developments also offer a support library software for translators who are looking for Kribi format. Adept Developments will be releasing a new version of this support library software if it gets upgraded. The current version of the code is tested only with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 under Windows 2000.