Adelaide Pneumatic Sales  represents Value Plastics Products which is engaged in the field of fluid connections. The product range includes fittings, connectors, tubing and luers. The luers are available in about 120 different configurations and also in many colours. Value Plastics Products also offers tubing connectors and fittings and these are available in different styles to suit different needs.

Value Plastics Products, represented by Adelaide Pneumatic Sales also offers bondable components along with bondable accessories.

Vortec Products are also represented by Adelaide Pneumatic Sales. The product range of Vortec Products includes air knives, air nozzles and jets, spray vectors, vortex coolers and many more.

The Vortex coolers, represented by Adelaide Pneumatic Sales are small and compact and also also sensitive to heat and contamination. These coolers also require very less maintenance.

The Air knives from Vortec Products, represented by Adelaide Pneumatic Sales are used for painting and labeling, food processing, converting and packaging and many other purposes. They also offer Spray Vectors which can be used for applications like mist cooling, dust suppression, wetting, humidification and spray applications.

Adelaide Pneumatic Sales also represents Air Logic, which is engaged in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and vacuum control equipment. The product range includes pressure switches and vacuum switches, accessories, plastic fittings and miniature quick disconnects.