Adelaide Pneumatic Sales  represents Beck which is engaged in the field of engineering since 1902. Adelaide Pneumatic Sales offers Beck compressed air components. The product line includes Ringjets, Airmiser Airstrips, Airmiser Air-nozzles and Clustajets.

The Ringjets are bladeless fans which can be used for blowing and extraction purposes. They can also be used for removing paint fumes and cooling paper products. These bladeless fans are available in both standard models and special conveyor model.

The Airmiser Air-nozzles which are manufactured by Beck and represented by Adelaide Pneumatic Sales can be used for applications such as product rejection, product cooling, de-watering, safety improvement and many such purposes. They air-nozzles can replace the nozzles that are normally used on blowguns and it has been designed with safety as its prime consideration.

Adelaide Pneumatic Sales also represents PIAB which is engaged in the field of vacuum technology. The product line of PAIB includes suction cups, vacuum conveying, vacuum pump models and many other vacuum products. The PAIB suction cups represented by Adelaide Pneumatic Sales is designed to handle board materials, pick electronic components, open bags, label and hold objects.

The vacuum pumps comes with coax technology and ensures performance at both low and high feed pressures. These vacuum pumps are easy to clean and simple to install.