Adelaide Letterboxes  is a company that manufactures mailboxes or letterboxes. Adelaide Letterboxes offers a variety of standing mailboxes including cast aluminium mailboxes, custom designed mailbox, sandstone mailbox, vertical pillar mailbox and commercial mailbox.
The cast aluminium mailbox is fully welded, powder coated, lockable and is made up of high quality aluminium. The various types of aluminium mailbox are Augusta, St Andrews, Grange and Koovunga.

Adelaide Letterboxes also revamps group and individual mailboxes of all kinds. It manufactures an entire gamut of sandstone mailboxes including Stonehenge, Beaumont, Chelsea and Plain design.

Adelaide Letterboxes offers vertical pillar mailbox made of galvabond, which are available in 50 different colours. The box is secured with a lock and key and it is secured to the ground by two metal poles. Commercial mailbox is suitable for envelopes bigger than A4 size and is mostly used by schools and businesses.

Adelaide Letterboxes also offers the silmex mailbox which is made up of stainless steel or cast aluminium. It is also a designer of the warehouse mailbox and single multi mailbox.

The warehouse mailbox is available in silver colour and is made up of aluminium and mini flute, whereas the single multi mailbox is made up of durable aluminium.