Adelaide Lawn 4 Ever  offers varieties of grass including Trendy Choice, Royale and Victoria Garden. The Kensington garden is a healthy and neat looking synthetic grass, which provides a soft feel to users. Its height ranges up to 32mm.

The trendy choice artificial grass, with a height up to 40mm, aids in providing a supple feeling and is specially used for Mediterranean style houses .

Adelaide Lawn 4 Ever offers FIFA 11000 LSR artificial grass which exactly resembles the natural grass. It is used for multi purpose applications including schools, council parks and sports fields.

Royale grass offered by Adelaide Lawn 4 Ever provides a soft, comfortable and supple feeling to the users. It is mostly used for residential purposes and has low abrasion properties. Its height ranges from 32mm to 40mm.

Adelaide Lawn 4 Ever offers Victoria synthetic grass, which provides an appearance of sophisticated, rich and well maintained dark green grass. The pile length ranges up to 25mm.

Adelaide Lawn 4 Ever uses thiolon fibres with stabilisers that protect the fibres from ultra violet rays. The thiolon fibres also have a high tensile strength.