Available from Addstyle Blinds & Awnings , Clear PVC Cafe Blinds are a good way to provide protection for your outdoor dining area against wind, rain and dust.

Clear PVC Cafe Blinds are a modern way of turning your outdoor structure into an all weather room.

Indoors Outdoors Clear Cafe Blinds are a custom made weather seal that attaches at the top and at the sides via sail tracking that is powder coated to match your structure.

The Clear PVC Cafe Blinds can be rolled up by unzipping them and rolling them either by hand or via a pulley system.

Addstyle Blinds & Awning can also add doorways, allow for pitched top and come up with other custom solutions. Gable Ends are also available.

Clear PVC Cafe Blinds are available in Clear PVC, Tint (Light and Dark) PVC, Solid (AK420) PVC and Shadeview. Addstyle Blinds & Awning offers services to measure, make and install these blinds.


  • Japanese clear PVC, 1st grade 0.75 mm thick, would not yellow or go brittle. 1mm is also available.
  • Powder coated colour matched screws and sail tracking mounts (as standard)
  • No.10 spiral zips, able to handle high wind loads, self repairing
  • Large rolling bars that make them neat and easy to roll up (50mm Tube not 20mm)
  • Pulley kits an optional extra
  • Expert installation by the team at Addstyle Blinds & Awning