Adcrete Industries  specialise in providing a range of protective coating products including substances which help to waterproof surfaces.

The company’s RAINCOTE water repellent surface coating is a high performance and colourless substance which has been formulated to waterproof above grade masonry surfaces. 

The RAINCOTE water repellent surface coating can be applied to exterior surfaces including buildings, bridges, silos, sculptures and other masonry surfaces to prevent the entrance of moisture. 

Key benefits and features of the RAINCOTE water repellent surface coating includes: 

  • is based on a composition of quality active waterproofing ingredients dispensed in a blend of aromatic solvents 
  • when applied correctly can penetrate and provide waterproofing of up to 13mm into the substrate 
  • does not contain silicones, oils or varnishes 
  • will not damage aesthetic qualities of a surface as the product is invisible
  • has excellent resistance to ultra-violet rays 
  • can be applied easily using non-fogging equipment including airless spray units