Adbri Masonry  provides a complete range of precast flooring products. These include eFloor, hollowcore floor planks and Transfloor partial precast flooring system.

Hanson Building Products can provide flooring ex works or delivered to site. Hanson Building Products can also supply and construct flooring. A packaged solution, including precast flooring, beams and columns is also provided on demand.

Hollowcare floor planks produced by Adbri Masonry have been supplied to the Australian market for over twenty five years.

Normally the hollowcore floor planks are 1200mm wide and their thickness is from 150mm to 300mm in 50mm increments. These are available in two forms: artificially roughened on the upper face to provide high interface shear capacity with an insitu concrete topping layer, or smoothed by application of a machine-trowelled mortar veneer during manufacture.

Hollowcare floor planks has many advantages. For example, the planks are precast in the factory away from your building site. All floors for your building are stored ready to be delivered as quickly as needed for installation.

Productivity on site will be greatly improved. Expensive formwork and propping is avoided with access within the work site greatly improved.

Planks are cut to fit the exact size of application area. Planks are simple to construct at the work site. It has low sound transmission characteristics. It can be used in conjunction with transfloor to cover all flooring situations.