The Euro® paver from Australia’s leading concrete paving solution, Adbri Masonry , is available in a range of consistently crafted shapes and sizes.

From small format 300 x 300 squares, to large 800 x 400 rectangular slabs, Adbri Masonry’s Euro® concrete paving range has a solution to fit any design or project, and fulfil every civil or residential landscaping requirement.

After a desired size has been selected, Adbri Masonry's contemporary pallet of colour, aggregate and surface textures will ensure customers are able to mix, match or create the picture perfect pavement for their project vision.

The Euro® range is now bolstered by the additions of our premium Granite range and the highly sought after Metro range for civil streetscapes.

Choose from six surface textures, various sizing and a modern and fashionable range of colours.

These concrete pavers are a favourite amongst architects with products from this range regularly used in large scale projects along the East Coast of Australia. 

The Euro® range includes:
  • Euro Classic: large format pressed concrete pavers
  • Euro Grande: honed and treated with a light shot blast finish
  • Euro Granite: comprised in part from pure granite dust
  • Euro Slate: textured finish provides a random, rough finish
  • Euro Terrazzo: limitless range of colours and the ability to colour match any existing product
  • Euro Metro Pavers: ideal for civil streetscapes and public works