Bali, the Island of the Gods is a much-loved holiday destination for many Australians, given the proximity and availability of low cost flight tickets. According to the 2018 Adbri Masonry Great Australian Backyard Survey, the top backyard designs in the country have all taken inspiration from popular holiday destinations, including Bali.

Bali’s colourful culture and beautiful sceneries welcome holiday-makers in droves, with private luxury villas featuring landscaped gardens laid out with lush tropical natives, plunge pools and paved communal areas providing the perfect ambience for a relaxing vacation.

Landscaping expert and Adbri Masonry Brand Ambassador Jason Hodges says homeowners can easily and affordably transform their backyard – whatever the size – into a Balinese inspired private oasis, which can be enjoyed all year round. He adds that there are a variety of key elements that can be incorporated into the space including tropical plants, water features, pools and ornaments.

Jason’s tips for creating the perfect Balinese-inspired garden:

The Tropical Look

A Balinese style garden is all about greenery so you can use your existing lawn or introduce new turf, along with plenty of foliage and leafy plants. To complete the tropical picture, choose birds-of-paradise, palms, bamboo and frangipanis, and for an Aussie alternative, agave plants for a bold look, says Jason. Contrast these colours with light, white or dark charcoal decorative pebbles around potted plants.

A Solid Foundation

Black lava stone is traditionally used in villas due to its ready availability. According to Jason, Adbri Masonry’s Euro Stone in Prague can be used for the foundation for an authentic look. These pavers have been lightly shotblast to exfoliate the surface and expose the natural aggregates found within. The shotblasting also makes the paver’s surface slip resistant, making them perfect for use around pools and water features. You can also seal the pavers with a ‘wet look sealer’ to enhance the look of the paver and produce a rich dark colour.

Feature Walls

If you require new garden walls or planter boxes in your Balinese-inspired garden, consider the Natural Impressions Duostone wall blocks from Adbri Masonry. The faces are pressed with a modern rock finish to replicate natural stone. Add privacy to your private garden space using bamboo screens, trellis or brushwood; not only do they function as a privacy screen but they also add texture to the backyard.

Laps of Luxury

Water is a key element of a Balinese garden, and options range from a small plunge pool to an ambient water feature. The movement of water with the right greenery and tropical plantation will transport you from your backyard into a beautiful Balinese villa; it will also help to drown out any background noise from our modern Aussie lifestyle.

Outdoor Furniture

Jason suggests dark timber furniture to complete the Balinese garden setting. Don’t worry about weathering in the outdoor environment, or having to maintain and reseal the furniture overtime; utilise the sun drenched look and incorporate it into your styling, says Jason. If you have a plunge pool, invest in quality sun beds with a feature shade umbrella to recapture those precious moments from your Balinese holiday.