Local Councils in NSW are investigating ‘Semi Permeable Paving’ alternatives to construct all future footpaths and shared pathways across Local Government Areas. These paving products can provide environmental and economic benefits to local authorities and the communities they represent. 

The concept of permeable paving first became established in countries where urban development began to threaten rivers and over stretched drainage systems. Unchecked development leads to more land being covered with impervious surfaces. As a result, river systems come under pressure from high volumes of surface run-off water.      

As an alternative to conventional paving, Adbri Masonry’s Permeable Paving range including the popular Ecotrihex system all have permeable qualities which encourage water flow through the pavement surface and substructure to the ground below.  

A permeable drainage layer below the Permeable Paving allows water to infiltrate into the subgrade or to be drained away. This enables surrounding vegetation to benefit and can decrease the effects of flooding.