Adbri Masonry  have manufactured the “Besser Block” in many states for over 40 years. This item has become a household name in Australia. Adbri Masonry have production facilities along the East Coast. A large team of committed people are involved in the manufacture of Besser Blocks.        

Adbri Masonry is Australia’s largest supplier of masonry products. Adbri Masonry was formed in July 2008, bringing together two reputable brands, C and M Brick and Hanson Building Products.

Peter Hurley, General Manager of Adbri Masonry in South Queensland says, “We pride ourselves on our quality and service, and our products are designed to be easy to use and install. I think that’s why you can’t drive through many streets in Australia without catching a glimpse some Hanson products.”  

According to Hurley, the company spends a great deal of time on research and development. With Besser Blocks and their other masonry products, they aim to meet the ever changing needs of the Australian environment.    

Apart from Besser Blocks, Adbri Masonry supply a diverse range of concrete building and landscaping products including structural concrete blocks, coloured blocks, retaining wall systems, concrete pavers and erosion control solutions. The company’s extensive production and distribution network ensures competitive pricing, reliable supply and solid technical support for customers.