Permeable pavers from Adbri Masonry were selected for installation outside the new Performing Arts building being developed at Brigidine College, an independent Catholic girl’s high school located in St Ives, just north of Sydney.

The school engaged Fulton Trotter Architects to design a master plan concept for the institution, which included the introduction of a new Performing Arts building.

Adbri Masonry’s Contracting Services Division won the tender to install over 1100 square metres of the Ecotrihex pavers for the external relaxation area. The aesthetically pleasing, durable and sustainable permeable pavers installed throughout this new precinct, feature specially designed voids which, when laid together, allow surface water runoff to filter through the pavement surface and into the sub base below. This ensures the runoff can be recycled or returned to the water table.

Inspired by Duffy Forest, a prominent feature at the front of the College grounds, Fulton Trotter Architects selected two contrasting paver colour tones for use in this project.

According to Adbri Masonry’s Project Manager, Clayton Kennedy, the pavement design worked perfectly with the unique shape of Ecotrihex pavers, using the contrasting tones of Oatmeal and Sunstone colours to create a unique, nature inspired mixed use area. Additional base preparation was needed for the permeable pavement system, and the pavers had to be meticulously cut and placed in and around the many landscape design elements incorporated into the architect’s plans.

Sandstone coloured Adbri Brickpave pavers were used along the perimeter of the space abutting building edges and organically shaped planter beds located throughout the outdoor spaces. The ability to colour match the two paving types added a perfect finishing touch to the pavement surface, which along with the planter bed seats created a modern, durable and sustainable solution to assist in Brigidine College’s master plan.

Greg Isaac, Director at Fulton Trotter Architects observes that the Brigidine College project demonstrates the versatility and flexibility of Adbri Masonry to convey important client-desired design characteristics as well as provide a practical and durable method of delivering rainwater back to the natural ground via permeable pavers. He also appreciated the quality and skilled workmanship delivered by the Adbri Masonry team.

This aesthetic and nature inspired project was nominated for the Bruce Mackenzie Landscape Award in the 2014 Think Brick Awards.