The new Terrazzo glass tiles from Adbri Masonry are suitable for both commercial and civil projects. These glass tiles offer an elegant and durable flooring surface.

Designers and architects have welcomed the release of Terrazzo glass tiles. They have acknowledged the many possible applications of the glass tiles for large scale civil and commercial projects.        

Architects have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this product to the market, with Terrazzo’s extensive array of colour options providing complete control and freedom of choice for those looking to specify a quality hard wearing tile.    

These glass tiles carry the typical quality the industry expects from Adbri Masonry. They make a stylish flooring solution for shopping centres, airports, and foyers.    

Terrazzo Tiles are available in a standard size of 400mm x 400mm x 27mm. They can be used to refurbish old developments, providing a pleasingand easy transition into existing environments.