Adbri Masonry  is a company that supplies brick stones for the buildings and construction industry. One of the projects under Adbri Masonry includes Wadham Park. Wadham Park has exquisite attention to detail, respecting architectural excellence and practical functionality.

This state of the art complex is Australia's premier training Facilities situated on 135 acre's nestled amongst the Macedon ranges. This project includes stabling for 80 horses, 2400m Pro-Ride Track, Swimming pool, a six horse aqua walker, 50 spelling paddock and other facilities. It also has one of Australia's State of the art equine Hospital with 24-hour, on site veterinary care.

Top Australian Trainer Dale Sutton came up with the concept that a building is a mix of concrete, wood, metal moldings. Adbri Masonry Macquarie stone which has been used on all the buildings in this project. The Macquarie Stone is an example of how a modern structure can capture the past and present in a classic design for the future.

The entrance to Wadham Park boasts a mixture a wrought iron and Adbri Masonry Macquarie stone which lines the entire length of the property. The new stables in construction have been designed in the shape of a horse shoe reflecting a very unique architectural appeal to the building. With future plans to continue developing the property it is an equine establishment fit for any thoroughbred.