Giving buildings a uniform, contemporary colour render is now achievable with Ad-Tex Coloured Bagging Render. When building extensions, homeowners often choose blueboard. When combined with the original brick, their choice has been limited to a render then paint option. A strong, thin section render, Ad-Tex pre-blend colour render can assist the homeowner to achieve a uniform appearance, despite using two different building materials.

Alternatives such as render paint will coat the surface, but it is an expensive choice and often there is a distinctive look between brick, concrete and masonry, making a pre-blend colour render more cost effective and attractive when considering house rendering.

Ad-Tex Coloured Bagging Render is used on vertical surfaces. The area is primed and then coated with the pre-blended, thin section colour render mix, to which liquid is added. The pre-coloured, hard wearing bagging render comes in 28 Designer Colours and can achieve a textured or smooth rendering appearance.

Easy to apply, Ad-Tex pre-blend colour render is colourfast and gives a strong durable surface suitable for application to brick, cement fibre board, Hebel and concrete blocks. Next time you have a project which will need to be coated with a coloured render, consider Ad-Tex Coloured Bagging Render and the difference it makes. Just look at the before and after shots!