AD-TEX  is an Australian manufacturer of a polymer/cement based Coloured Bagging Render, which allows the homeowner to give unsightly brick walls an updated contemporary rendered appearance that is cost effective.

The colours are in the product and AD-TEX has 28 designer colours as well as 27 standard colours to choose from and custom designed colours on request, so there is plenty of customer choice.

One coat gives the surface a bagged look while two coats gives a smoother appearance without the need for a full depth render over the original bricks. The area is cleaned of all dust, dirt and grime, primed and then liquid is added to the product.

AD-TEX recommends application with a trowel and finished with a sponge float. Many DIY customers as well as tradesmen have been happy with the result. The look is more authentic than a sand/cement render with a paint finish and the colour is permanent, which means no more peeling paint or touch up paint jobs.

A smooth or textured appearance can be achieved, depending on the surface to which it is applied.

Coloured Bagging Render is versatile, as seen from the photos, where a brick wall had the bagging render applied and then formed into mock blocks echoing the sandstone blocks used elsewhere on the project.

The bagging render is suitable for application to brick, cement fibre board, blue board, hebel, polystyrene based products and concrete blocks.

Also, the surface can be reapplied or painted over if the customer desires a colour change. Coloured Bagging Render is colourfast, UV resistant, simple to apply and gives a strong durable surface.

AD-TEX Bagging Render sample packs makes the choice of colour easy and gives the customer a feel for how the product performs and looks.