Actron Air  is a manufacturer of efficient air conditioning systems and has been operating in this business for the past 27 years. The air conditioning system operates by consuming minimum power and thereby saves lot of energy.

Actron Air is well known for its performance, reliability and service. Actron Air manufactured the first air conditioning system after conducting research for 20 years.

The products offered by Actron Air includes ESP digital, EPS plus, controllers and technical specifications. EPS offered by Actron Air is a computerized system which helps in monitoring and controlling a target temperature. It is capable of instigating minute fluctuations in temperature.

The EPS system maintains consistent comfort level and can sense slightest temperature changes. Actron Air offers EPS climate control equipment which can even analyse the speed with which the temperature is fluctuating to predict future adjustments. It constantly reduces humidity to facilitate fresh environment.

The EPS system includes ultra smooth climate control equipment which reduces the compressor noise while starting the system. It helps in saving energy as it uses minimum amount of power to execute the functions.