Australian owned company Actron Air won the ARBS Product Excellence Award 2014 for its Hercules variable capacity rooftop packaged unit. The award recognises Hercules for its achievement in the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services industry.

Hercules is the result of local Australian research, development and manufacture by ActronAir, which is an Australian-owned company with head office and plant in the Sydney suburb of Bella Vista.

Graham Brown, ActronAir’s general manager describes the award as a tribute to years of hard work and perseverance in research and development to produce Hercules, which is an exceptional product and a game changer in the rooftop packaged category. The award recognition coincides with Actron Air’s 30th anniversary.

Suited to large commercial rooftop installations, Hercules delivers excellent energy efficiency ratings, can achieve up to 50 percent more efficiency than the minimum BCA compliant system and has an integrated energy efficiency radio (IEER) of 5.45.

ActronAir is recognised as a leading Australian-owned supplier of air conditioning systems to the residential and commercial markets.