Activo Maintenance Products P/L , supplier and installer of expansion joints, stair treads and tactiles, provides prompt solutions to expansion joint  problems.

An aging and tired commercial building which had an external roof top car park was being renovated for use as a modern and functional medical centre. The existing joint arrangement had failed. The coverplates were distorted and beyond repair, the fixings were in a poor corrosive state and a potential weakness point  for leaking. There were major water leaks from the existing expansion joint.

Activo attended the site and proposed to the client: 

  • Removal of the existing system. 
  • Patching and fixing of localised damage 
  • Installation of  a fully trafficable and waterproof expansion joint 
  • To permanently remove the need for coverplates forever.
  • Works completed with minimal disruption 
  • A fully watertight and waterproof expansion joint 
  • Ten year performance warranty 
  • Satisfied client 
  • No more cover plates = no more penetrations into the slab 
  • No more leaks no more tears  

Whenever you are refurbishing a building and there is any doubt regarding the appropriate joint type and expansion joint required, call in the experts, call in Activo Maintenance Products P/L. They will assist you in ensuring that flooring works have the correct expansion joint system installed on time and without drama.