Active Promotional Products  offers a diverse range of promotional products including bags, compendiums, diaries and headwear. Bags provided by Active Promotional Products are suitable for various applications. Different types of bags include backpacks, coolers, sports bags, picnic bags and many others. Backpacks from Active Promotional Products include basic backpacks, sling backpacks, climber backpacks, casual sling backpacks, panel backpacks, underground sling backpacks, stadium backpacks, sunset backpacks, backsack, nylon backpacks in conjunction with two tone trim, sports backpack and outdoor backpacks.

Picnic bags supplied by Active Promotional Products include four person picnic trolley, wicker picnic basket, square single bottle holder, round single bottle holder, two person picnic backpack, underground picnic backpack, thermo picnic pack, folding picnic blanket, four piece picnic set in insulated bags and several others.

Compendiums from Active Promotional Products three ring binder, leather business card holder, zippered leather compendium, bonded leather compendium, A4 micro fibre compendium, three ring organiser, cyber compendium, zippered A4 compendium, A4 pad cover, PVC notebook cover and many others.

Headwear from Active Promotional Products include beanies, brim hats, bucket hats, caps as well as visors. Beanies include knitted acrylic two tone beanie; acrylic cable knit beanie and polar fleece beanies.