Active Insulation  specialises in cleaning roof space by removing old and dirty paper insulation and instead installing polyester batt. Polyester batt is a non-toxic, non-irritant, clean, safe and environment friendly material.

The insulation categories offered by Active Insulation include attic vacuuming, rebates, roof insulation, under floor insulation, roof cavity cleaning and lead dust removal. Active Insulation offers removal of wet insulation, which proves to be very dangerous during storms. The wet insulation is also unhealthy as it aids in fungal and mould growth at homes.

Fiberglass insulation gets deteriorated with time and therefore it is unsafe and unhealthy. The polyester insulation offered by Active Insulation is non-carcinogenic and is approved by Australia asthma foundation. It has recycled content and it also provides safe indoor air quality.

Active Insulation also aids in providing timber under floor and roof insulation which reduce energy consumption and also eliminate drafts from gaps in timber flooring. Active Insulation offers safe and healthy solutions to remove dust, debris and rat droppings from the old roofs.

This is beneficial as unclean roof spaces lead to asthma, allergy and respiratory problems in human beings.