Active Air Conditioning  offers a wide range of cooling equipment including fans, package air conditioning, evaporative coolers and portable air conditioning. The varieties of portable air conditioning includes AC 045, AC 061, AC 010, AC 035, AC 040, AC 042, AC 067, AC 070 AND AC 045G. AC 045 offered by Active Air Conditioning aids in providing effective cooling in all applications and conditions. The portable air conditioning is light, compact, effective and easy to install. It includes cold and hot ducts which can be easily expanded and it also a large condensate tank.

Active Air Conditioning hires, rents and sells varieties of fans including FP 060, FE 030, FC 095 and FT 010. FP 060 offered by Active Air Conditioning provides swift air movement and uses very less power. Its height can be easily adjusted. FE 030 is used for fume, heat and dust extraction and also as a booster fan. It is constructed from steel and operates quietly using less power. FC 095 offered by Active Air Conditioning is used to clean carpets and can be adjusted to 4 variable heights.

Active Air Conditioning also hires and sells evaporative coolers, E 970, which has a subtle design and effective cooling is suitable for offices.