Workplace storage equipment specialist Actisafe introduces a new line of customised heavy-duty shelving systems for storing components used in power transmission systems.

A key objective in every Actisafe customised shelving design is to ensure extreme space efficiency for the user. An area of specific focus when designing customised solutions for this sector is the need for drawers to store smaller components.

All horizontal areas are dedicated for shelving while any available vertical face is configured to hold items that can be hung in an organised manner.

Actisafe shelving systems can store everything from bearings, electric motors, resistors, capacitors, chains, belts, solvents and chemicals to electrical components, actuators, screws, fixtures, joints, spindles, shafts, machine elements, gears and racks, couplings, clamps and gearboxes among others.

Customisation options available for all Actisafe shelving equipment not only include the physical layout but also colour finishes to suit the client’s brand. Made from heavy-duty steel and finished with a long-wearing powder coat, the shelving systems offer the flexibility to be designed to any height required including floor-to-ceiling configurations.

Actisafe power transmission storage shelves are also configured for easy labelling of components. Should more storage space be required after initial installation, Actisafe can simply add more shelving to integrate perfectly with the existing solution.