Industrial ergonomics specialist Actisafe announces a new business service for the manufacturing and engineering sector that will provide a complete fitout service tuned to the customer’s requirements.

The Actituned Workshop combines a planning consultancy and a multi-brand product supply line, providing a streamlined service for a complete fitout solution with all the tools necessary to manage output for the client operating one facility or multiple plants.

Actisafe’s workshop service comprises of a team of in-house professionals offering expertise in mechanical, electrical, building, plumbing, gas fitting and refrigeration engineering. The Actituned Workshop carries a range of global brands designed to dovetail into most businesses.

Offering both off-the-shelf solutions as well as purpose-built systems for the application, the organisation provides qualified advice on automotive hoisting equipment; pallet racking and shelving; compact storage systems; ergonomic workstations and benches; tools; custom-designed drainage and fluid disposals; exhaust hose reels; compressed air; bins and other waste handling containers; and specialised services including building construction, industrial floor polishing, and protective painting and coatings.

Using their expertise and access to such technologies, Actisafe helps bureau-based enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive, streamlining processes and super-tuning the action process with the right shop-floor workstation systems. Actisafe additionally shows the user how to align these processes with the employee's daily routine, resulting in substantial time savings in output.

Actisafe has successfully delivered fitout projects for an aerospace facility, spare parts warehouse, automotive and mining workshops, food processing plant and a paper/newspaper mill.

Through the Actituned Workshop service, Actisafe is committed to addressing the ever-changing compliance landscape with management systems that adhere to ISO standards, health and safety standards, and manufacturing/workstation systems.