Action Resurfacing  offers products and services including bathroom resurfacing and renovation, wall tile resurfacing, shower trays, claw foot tubs and bath liners. Action Resurfacing provides on- site bathroom resurfacing package which includes industrial strength cleaning and masking of room to prevent overspray.

The bathroom chips are etched, profiled, repaired and prepared by using specialized filler to make the bathroom look clean, beautiful and elegant.

Action Resurfacing provides wall tile resurfacing service for ugly grout lines, cracked tiles and mouldy caulk lines. The wall tile resurfacing package offered by Action Resurfacing includes cleaning the surface, repairing chipped and cracked tiles and colour spraying to cover grout lines. Action Resurfacing also re grouts and prepares the surface when required.

Action Resurfacing renovates and resurfaces worn out tired shower trays to provide them a clean and finished look. The shower tray service package offered by Action Resurfacing includes cleaning, preparing and etching the tray, repairing chips and cracks and recoating the tray to provide it a glossy and elegant look.

The services offered by Action Resurfacing are prompt, proven and professional.