Action Property Inspections provides full defect building report to its clients after an exhaustive inspection of the property. It offers an easily understandable and comprehensive building report to its clients without using any report writing computer software. The clients can accompany the inspector while checking the property.

Action Property Inspections offers a detailed report ranging from 36 to 45 pages to their clients. The reports are professionally bound and typed. Action Property Inspections outlines the exact condition of the faults and includes easily understood pictures and diagrams. Action Property Inspections also mentions the exact time frame required to fix the faults.

Action Property Inspections also provides visual record of the house in form of colourful digital photography so that the evidence of the faults is clearly visible to the purchaser.

Action Property Inspections inspects all areas in the house including paths and driveways for any kind of cracking and subsidence, paving for surface deterioration and undulation, surface drainage for inadequate drainage, moisture retention, fences for any kind of decay, cracking and outward movement.

Action Property Inspections also inspects retaining walls, surrounding trees, swimming pools, free standing structures and barbecue.