Action Property Inspections  offers inspection services for house interior and exterior, roof interior and exterior, under floor areas and garages. The under floor areas which are inspected includes stumps and supports for decay, settlement and lateral movement, tie downs for rusting strapping and cyclone rods, bearers and joints for excessive deflection and incorrect connections, flooring for borer damage and broken boards and conrete slab for cracking and subsidence.

Action Property Inspections also inspects house exteriors including external walls cladding, painted surfaces, infill panels, fire place, fly screens, shutters, external stairs, gable structure, down pipes, tiling, awnings and decking.

The house interiors inspected by Action Property Inspections includes internal linings for defective lining and nails popping, paint and wall paper finish for blistering paint and blemishes, brickwork for rising damp and moisture penetration, doors for hinge bound and door jamb alignment.

The areas of roof interior and exterior inspected by Action Property Inspections includes roof cladding, flashing, gutters, TV antenna, chimney, ceiling lining and roof structure. Concrete slab and framework of garages is also inspected for damaged internal linings and surface deterioration.