Available from Acryloc Building Products , Roofcote CRC is a two-component commercial roof coating system that includes CRC Tint Base and one of a range of colour Tint Pacs.

Roofcote CRC commercial roof coating systems have been specifically designed to offer attractive and durable roof coatings.

Available in a variety of 35 Tint Pac colours, this commercial roof coating system features an even flow and an attractive gloss level, improving the appearance and the condition of the roof while also offering durable protection from the weather.

With excellent vapour permeability and water resistance, Roofcote CRC commercial roof coating system is flexible, durable and has a strong adhesion.

This water based commercial roof coating is simple to apply, easy and safe to clean up and is supplied with a 10 yr Coating System warranty.

Before application of Roofcote CRC commercial roof coating Acryloc recommends that any rainwater tanks should be disconnected from the guttering system. This is to prevent spilt items washing off if rain falls before the coating is totally cured. The guttering should remain disconnected until after application of all coatings and until all residues are washed from the guttering.

Once the finish coating has cured it is safe to collect drinking water.