Acromat  supplies a variety of sporting and gymnasium equipment. The Acromat range includes balance beams, balance benches, beatboards, safety belts, climbing ropes, tracks and attachments, floor plates and sockets, cover plates and outdoor sockets and plates. Horizontal bars of various types are also supplied by Acromat. These include single and combination, and men’s and women’s rails, and wall bars and attachments.

Acromat offers a variety of mats, floor strips and floors. These are landing, carpeted, vinyl covered, supersoft, hard, soft landing and general purpose mats, besides stretching, pool, martial arts and wrestling mats to name a few. The floor strips and floors from Acromat include spring floors, rhythmic gymnastic floors and aerobic floors.

Acromat also supplies parallel bars, uneven bars and rings and trapeze bars and trampolines of several varieties. These include power and double mini trampolines and tumbling trampolines.

Acromat offers equipment for basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton, tennis, soccer and hockey, besides indoor goals for soccer, hockey and lacrosse. Additionally, Acromat also supplies gym fun equipment and safety padding.

Acromat recommends that their equipment be installed by their own engineers and be regularly inspected in order to ensure correct and safe operation.