Acromat  is generally known as designer and manufacturer of quality sports and gymnasium equipment. However, Acromat is also getting to be highly regarded as an innovative designer and manufacturer of retractable or tiered systems of stadium and auditorium seating.

The benefits of using Acromat seating systems are, elimination of chair storage problems; minimum time required to set up; optimum use of space in the facility; minimising of land and building costs; potential for increase in revenue; quick and simple seating arrangement; viewing with comfort and safety for patrons.

Acromat offers three kinds of seating systems. These are, seating for the stadium, seating for the sports stadium and assembly hall, and seating for the theatre and auditorium.

It is essential for seating plans to conform to the anticipated functions in the facility. Keeping this in mind, Acromat recommends that customers should first view its ‘Free Planning Services’ section. This would provide prospective customers with vital information to enable them make the best choice of the seating system most suited to their needs, and the related services offered by Acromat.