Acromat  is stated to be an acknowledged world leader in supplying world class gymnasium and sporting equipment. Acromat designs its equipment in consultation with prominent coaches in the sport. This ensures that the equipment needs of the athletes and gymnasts are met by Acromat, especially with respect to the important areas of engineering strength and safety.

The expertise shown by Acromat has led to its equipment being used at several international sporting events, including the 1990 Commonwealth Games, the World Gymnastic Championships in 1994, the 2000 Olympic Games and the 2001 Goodwill Games. The fact that Acromat, has been official supplier of equipment to the Australian Gymnastic Federation for more than 30 years, says it all about the consistent standards being maintained in Acromat.

Acromat also designs and builds seating systems for stadiums and auditoriums.

Acromat has the advantage of having had Lance Otto as its founder. He was a person who combined his unique understanding of sport with his professional study of mechanical engineering. The result was design and manufacture of quality sporting and gymnasium equipment by Acromat, which could stand up to all the training and competition needs of athletes. This legacy is continued to this day by Craig Otto and advancement in design, innovation and product quality is an on-going function in Acromat.