ACR INTERNATIONAL  provides ISOBOARD extruded polystyrene board as thermal insulation product. These polystyrene boards are available in blue colour in conjunction with different types of edgings such as tongue and groove edging; ship lapped edging as well as straight edge edging. Thermal conductivity of the polystyrene board from ACR INTERNATIONAL is mainly because of various factors such as homogenous cell structure that prevents connective motion within the board. The homogenous cell structure of ISOBOARD polystyrene board also offers long term thermal conductivity.

The homogenous cell structure of ISOBOARD thermal insulation board provided by ACR INTERNATIONAL also imparts high compressive strength as well as dimensional stability to the board. This board is resistant to acids, bases, cold bitumen and silicon oils. ISOBOARD polystyrene board from ACR INTERNATIONAL comprises of a closed cell structure that is devoid of interstitial spaces in conjunction with an outer skin that is made using a very dense material.

ISOBOARD thermal insulation product from ACR INTERNATIONAL can be easily cut by using wood working tools and can be fixed by using suitable adhesives. This board is also resistant to bacteria, insects, micro organisms as well as rodent attack.