ACR INTERNATIONAL  specialises in providing thermal insulation products. ISOBOARD is one such thermal insulation product offered by ACR INTERNATIONAL. ISOBOARD is an extruded polystyrene board that has been specifically designed for thermal insulation. This polystyrene board is manufactured by employing a fully automated extrusion process that complies with industry standards as well as specifications.

ISOBOARD thermal insulation product from ACR INTERNATIONAL comprises of a closed structure as well as possesses several other properties that include resistance to heat flow and water vapour diffusion, uniform density distribution, resistance to fire, high compressive strength, resistance to ageing, resistance to bacterial growth and eco friendly product. This is a cost effective thermal insulation product offered by ACR INTERNATIONAL.

ISOBOARD extruded polystyrene board from ACR INTERNATIONAL can be installed in different locations such as cavity walls, nail up ceilings, inverted roofs, below slabs as well as soffit and suspended ceilings. These polystyrene boards have standard dimensions ranging to about length of 2500 millimetres and breadth of 600 millimetres. ISOBOARD polystyrene boards from ACR INTERNATIONAL are available in varying thicknesses such as 25 millimetres, 30 millimetres, 40 millimetres, 50 millimetres, 75 millimetres and 100 millimetres.