ACR INTERNATIONAL  offers ISOBOARD thermal insulation products. This thermal insulation product has been ideally designed for energy conservation as well as efficiency in various industrial and commercial buildings. ISOBOARD thermal insulation product from ACR INTERNATIONAL is basically an extruded polystyrene board having various applications including agricultural sheds, cold storage, cavity wall insulation, flooring, dry lining, cavity wall insulation and sandwich panels.

ISOBOARD extruded polystyrene board from ACR INTERNATIONAL provide several advantages such as retardation of heat flow into buildings during summer season as well as retains heat within the building during winter season.

ISOBOARD extruded polystyrene boards from ACR INTERNATIONAL should not be left exposed when installed on roof surfaces. This board needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth prior to installation as well as also require cleaning using a water softener solution. This extruded polystyrene board needs to handled with care for minimising chances of damage.

ISOBOARD thermal insulation board from ACR INTERNATIONAL can also be installed beneath the surface bed. This needs to be applied to a prepared soil foundation prior to installation of the board.