Acoustical Design is well experienced in the field of noise control and is involved in installation and supply of such products.

The SL2000 model, offered by Acoustical Design, is one of the sound limiters that have remote level indicator, remote steel case, remote microphone, variable time delay, adjustable frequency response, fire alarm interface, fully automatic operation, straightforward fitting, low cost, and authorised by Environmental Heath Departments. The SL2000 Noise Limiter Package contains microphone, installation and instruction guidelines, and main sound limiter control panel.

Acoustical Design is noted for its 'Recording Studio' that is manufactured and designed in Australia. This has gained the worldwide popularity in the market of Europe, USA, and Asia. This recording studio has its prefabricated modular construction, high performance noise reduction, choice of external finishes and internal linings, acoustically integrated floor system, double gazed viewing window, and easy safety release doors.

Acoustical Design has launched a new type of studio named Musolab that is used for music rehearsal and tuitions. Its main characteristics are reversible acoustic wall panels, prefabricated modular construction, and sound isolation pads beneath the flooring, lighting and power outlets.
Prefabricated Broadcast Studio and  Voice Over Studio are the recent projects of Acoustical Design Gallery.