Acoustical Design  offer noise limiters for installation in bars, pubs, night clubs, halls, health clubs and restaurants to help minimise the amount of complaints associated with noise pollution.

Also known as sound limiters, noise limiters are on their way to becoming standard issue in entertainment venues applying for or extended licenses in Australia.

Acoustical Design’s technicians can supply and install noise limiters and offer advice on the right type unit for specific venues.

SL2000 noise limiters feature a main control unit that is housed in a tough steel case and can be installed out of sight when used with the optional remote indicator. Low voltage cables facilitate the easy installation of the remote indicator and remote sound pick up microphone.

The sound limiters are local authority approved and are easy to fit and operate and feature a fully automatic operation, 30 Amp switching capability and built in fire alarm interface.

The microphone monitors the sound level and if the preset level is exceeded the LEDs will illuminate sequentially. If the sound is too loud for approximately 10 seconds the noise limiter unit will disconnect the mains power from the sound equipment for a 10 second period, automatically reconnecting without the need of user intervention.

The noise level and sensitivity to bass and treble can be fully adjusted, as can the trigger and the reset time period.

Features of SL2000 noise limiters include:

  • Adjustable frequency response
  • Active or monitor modes
  • Built in contactor with 30 Amp switching capability
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Internal sensitivity adjustment
  • Tough steel case
  • Remote level indicator
  • Remote microphone
  • Fire alarm interface
  • Variable time delay
  • Designed by installers
  • Straightforward and simple to install

These low cost noise control systems are reliable and approved by Environmental Health Departments.

SL2000 noise limiter package includes:

  • Sound limiter main control panel
  • Microphone
  • Instructions and installation guidelines

An optional remote indicator is available separately.