Acoustical Design  has effectively quietened work spaces and boardrooms across Australia and internationally for more than 30 years.

Acoustical Design’s range of sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels are both visually pleasing and highly effective with a NRC rating of greater than 0.9.

Acoustical Design has announced a new product called the Desk Isolator, which will provide great assistance to architects and managers, as they create ideal and productive work environments for their staff.

With the recent trends in office design towards open plan configurations and hard surfaces, fabric faced dividers have been important in providing delineation between working spaces.

Unfortunately many of these dividers have no sound attenuation and absorption properties. Staff members become increasingly frustrated and less productive as they attempt to converse with important clients.

In response to this concern, Acoustical Design has launched a new product called a Desk Isolator late in 2007. Visually the Desk Isolator appears similar to regular dividers with a wide array of fabrics available.

Internally, however, the Desk Isolator is constructed using technology utilised in Acoustical Design’s recording studios and Musolab range. The Desk Isolator provides substantial sound attenuation and reverberation control between work spaces.

The Desk Isolator features a powder coated frame and is easy to install. Two standard heights are available, 450mm and 600mm. The lengths are made to the sclients’ specification.

Acoustical Design has also created the Desk Isolator with the environment in mind. The major elements of the Desk Isolator are of recycled materials, carrying a lower embodied energy. All of the components of the Desk Isolator are readily recyclable.

Other products in Acoustical Design range include:

  • Voice over booths and recording studios
  • Background masking sound systems
  • Noise limiting devices
  • Super sound panels and acoustic foams
  • Professional acoustical consultancy, including commercial permit work